UTA Blackboard Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the UTA Blackboard Login:

Uta Blackboard Login Process:

1. Copy and paste the URL of the Uta Blackboard Login page into your browser. You can also click this link for easier access: https://elearn.uta.edu/webapps/login/

2. The next step is to key in your UTA Blackboard username on the first textbox located in the log in portal.

3. Then, you may enter your password on the next log in textbox.

4. After that, proceed to click the Login button of the UTA Blackboard.



How to Properly Reset your Uta Blackboard Login Credentials:

Unfortunately, University of Texas Arlington does not provide a log in reset link in its Blackboard log in portal. They do provide several notes to help users who are having trouble with their accounts:

If  you cannot log in to Blackboard at elearn.uta.edu, you may not yet have activated your NetID and changed your password, or your password may have expired. Use the NetID Self Service website to active your NetID.

If you have trouble activating your account, or are still not able to get past the login screen, there may be an issue with your account.  Contact the Office of Information Technology Help Desk.

For new employees, HR appointments in DEFINE and a NetID request to OIT must be in place before MyMav assignments can take effect in Blackboard. Blackboard is populated by MyMav course assignments and enrollments.  Blackboard access is dependent upon the following:

  1. Departmental section listings to Registrar
  2. Departmental appointment of employee in DEFINE
  3. Departmental request for a NetID through OIT


Contact Details:

If you are still having a hard time logging in into your account, you can contact Uta Blackboard directly by using the information provided below:

 The Center For Distance Education · Box 19027, Arlington, Texas 76019–0027
817-272-5727 · Toll Free 888-882-3478 · Fax 817-272-5728
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